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  1. I have opened ticket 2294316 for this problem on Nov 27. Only reaction I got so far was a survey from Evernote support on 12/8 whether I am satisfied with the support experience. I am not! Btw, in the meantime I found that MS OneNote does not have this issue - here the landscape view is able to take advantage of the additional horizontal space. Hope I won't be forced to switch.
  2. Another observation - the width of the content area on my iPad is identical regardless of whether the iPad is in portrait or landscape mode. I.e. line breaks in regular text is at exactly the same spot in either orientation. Is this on purpose behavior? If yes I'd like to put in a request to change this, and take advantage of the additional width in landspace orientation. On my iPhone I don't see this behavior btw, here the lines of a text only note are longer in landscape mode than in portrait, as one would expect.
  3. Thanks for checking on your iPad, DTLow, unfortunately on mine the margins are significantly wider, see attached. I have even tried uninstalling Evernote, restarting (installing iOS 11.1.2 while at it) and reinstalling Evernote, which is now at 8.6.358974. I might open a support ticket for this to see if it gets me any further.
  4. Okay, I have posted a screenshot including a table under this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11dmVgZDUBVqcqZdF_BO43mQRYcIUC1Sl I created this document using Evernote on Windows, with the table set to "match note width" - in either case in Evernote on Windows the columns don't have any linebreaks like are shown in the screenshot. The second screenshot shows a note which is just plain text, without a table: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mlf_6NyQsG6A033dtKd5fVF0a2CN1VtY I'm curious if others don't get these left and right margins when looking at their notes in iPad in landscape. On my iPhone I don't get any such margins either. Actually I just realized I get these same margins when adding a new note on my iPad (via the green "+" button in Evernote) - so it doesn't seem to be related to the use of tables or the notes originating from the Windows client.
  5. I'm running Evernote on iPad with iOS 11.1. When opening a note fullscreen in landscape mode there are broad margins to the left and right of the note content which reduce the usefulness of the fullscreen view. My use case is a songbook where I use a table with multiple columns (2-3) to allow me to see the whole song lyrics without having to scroll (good-bye Ultimate Guitar ;-)). Currently the unused margins to the left and right of the table easily take up 40% of horizontal screen real-estate so multi-column tables do not expand to the full screen width. Please remove these margins in an upcoming release for iPad (they're not present or much smaller on iPhone).
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