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  1. Even though I might understand the technical reason for the 'new' layout standard, I have to say that in general it doesn't not look good and for sure there must a better solution for the technical requirement behind the change.
  2. I just created a note with a table and indeed it seems that the extra space serves to accommodate the table controls. But if you ask me, I don't think it makes any sense to ruin the entire note layout because of a simple element which in most cases is not used anyway. Why not just indent the table in order to allow space for the controls or maybe move the controls to the right of the table where there should be plenty of space when the notes and left aligned?
  3. Seems like all the extra space on the nodes sides that I have just complained about in another post is due to the "new editor" introduced in version 6.6 GA, as I see other people complaining about the same on these comments. Can Evernote please fix this? All that extra blank space is basically useless and just taking screen real estate. Thanks! V.
  4. I suppose all this extra space is probably due to the "new editor" introduced in version 6.6 GA, as I see other people complaining about the same on the comments to the new version announcement post. Evernote, can you please fix this? Thanks! V.
  5. Hello there, I have just noticed that recently my Evernote notes started showing excessive blank space on the sides and a bit on top and bottom, as highlighted by the yellow bars on the attached screenshot, while before the text was shown closer to the note border. I have updated to version (305512) recently so I would like to know if this change was introduced by the update or maybe by something I did wrong or changed unintentionaly due to some mistyped key or something. I have looked in the application options and so on, but I could not find any setting to undo this
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