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  1. I received a note that simply said "it's sooo dark in here" and it had a flashlight icon and a puzzled face icon and it was posted on 7-15-17 the actual day I started trying Evernote.. How could that be? I was going to pay for the business version but since you no longer support Blackberry, I doubt I will. In the meantime I'd like to know how someone else could add a note!!
  2. I'm new to this but sad to see the first thing I am learning is no more Evernote for Blackberry! I have had a Blackberry device of some sort since I got my first cellphone back in about 1998 and hands down BB's are THE BEST for business purposes than any other platform out there. I was considering paying for Evernote business but I guess I'll look into GOOGLE KEEP moving forward. What I'll never understand is why developers just quit supporting a certain platform when for the most part people are not going to throw their phones/investments away - they're going to keep using them until they have to buy a new one. At least I know I'm not tossing my $500ish phone because software is limited. I'll keep using it and figure out a way to get by. Why not keep sending fixes for Evernote BB & Windows apps?
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