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  1. I downloaded the beta to get rid of the truncated text boxes... 1. Now I'm finding that entering annotation mode and the saving of annotations are being delayed.. to the point it's unusable. I'm also noticed a general major slowdown. 2. I'm also getting tooltips on how to annotate... every time I open annotation 3. When I drag and drop an attachment file from my finder (mac) and try to add it after the first document on my note I find that it doesn't always send the file to the note. If I choose to position the file at the top of the note it always sends the file.
  2. I agree about having a push-pin / priority list. The reminder idea is fine... but I have four team members who are technically challenged as it is. I'm trying hard to encourage them to use EN, and I don't think they will remember about using reminders.. plus it's confusing, since one doesn't want to make a reminder, but instead make a priority list.
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