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  1. Galeguin

    Dark Mode is here... or is it?

    Indeed @jefito! I verified this after your comment. Above, the pics. This occurred in a Samsung J1 with Android 5.1.1. Until now, no 8.6 available.
  2. Galeguin

    Better Android Handwriting Support Please!

    I think that exists a solution more elegant: erase with a finger (like the app Squid does). To scrolling through the page, use two fingers (as evernote already does). The implementation of this feature pass through the detection of stylus pen.
  3. Galeguin

    Dark Mode is here... or is it?

    @gazumped, just passing to say that the updated arrived to me in Play Store. Maybe worth chek it. Cross fingers!
  4. Galeguin

    Feature request: Geo-location reminder

    Seems that the solution for Android (my case) isn't available anymore. But thanks for pointing me that. Yes, it is posted. But in a place that doesn't allow votes. And I appreciate your opinion my friend. Evernote has awesome features that I can't live without. And I think that can hone some of this without escape of the scope. Google Keeps is a direct competitor and provides this feature. I wish don't need third party apps to solve some problems and, imho, that a feasible request. But again, I really appreciate your opinion.
  5. Hi guys, just reporting a bug that I have found it (didn't know if anyone has reported yet). When I highlight a word that is in a internal link, the words that come after are excluded of the link. Below, some pics that lights up the issue and the "workaround" that I found... Hope the devs can solve this.
  6. Just putting in the right place a request of feature that jumps in my mind. It would be awesome a improvement of the reminder as described in the topics bellow
  7. Just updating... don't work in Android 5.1.1 neither.
  8. Hi @gazumped! Did you can help me? I've tried to edit a image in a note using the Xodo. But, when I finished the edition and press back button, the app shows me two opposite messages: first ("Document saved"); then ("Resourse not changed"); result: the edititon isn't saved. Can you point me where I had a mistake? Thanks in advance.
  9. Galeguin

    Request: track precedents notes

    Yes. But if I change the title in the future, it will be a pain in the ass search for each note. I looking something more easy. But I appreciatte your idea my friend. Thanks for that.
  10. Galeguin

    Request: track precedents notes

    Hi @gazumped. Thanks for the answer. I use EN for study. I'm aware of this: However, in this moment, I'm reviewing my storage of notes and deleting notes unnecessary. So, I just think that will be awesome a feature that retrieves me a summary with the notes where a pasted a internal link, because I would go to these notes and delete these links. The idea is alike with the feature "track precedents" in excel, where we can visualize the cell that are in use in a formula. Hope I made myself clear. And this is just a suggestion for the dev's. Thanks for your time in aswer me. My best regards.
  11. Hi guys! I want to make a suggest of feature: track precedents notes. It will be like a summary of notes where specific note was pasted as internal link. This will improve my job/study. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi guys, going back to give you my feedback. Updating android webview seems to resolve the issue. However, I've noted that when I work with some PDF files open from a note (like highlighting and doing some annotations), sometimes I lose the changes. This was very frustatting. My conclusion: going back to 7.17. After six months I will give the dev's work a try. P.S.: I'm using evernote only in mobile devices. If anyone knows what version is more reliable for Android 5.1, please let me know.
  13. Well, I think this site is kind a safe. But, I submit every file downloaded to https://www.virustotal.com/pt/. Could be that I had luck till this moment. Thanks for the worry and advice.
  14. I hope that works. Testing now...
  15. I has this problem since 8.0 and reinstall didn't resolve. I had to go back to 7.17.7 from a file dowload on the apkmirror.com site.