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  1. Hi guys, just sayin that the hint of tab key in the last row/column works on Android version 7.12. Of course, you need to have a keyboard app that had "tab key". I'm using Grid Keyboard app. Maybe helps somebody.
  2. I think that exists a solution more elegant: erase with a finger (like the app Squid does). To scrolling through the page, use two fingers (as evernote already does). The implementation of this feature pass through the detection of stylus pen.
  3. @MayurH, after the update, seems that the problem was fixed (at least in my case). Sometimes the formatting sucks, but a reclipping is sufficient to work. Hope that works for you.
  4. Hi @tiagozt, I completely understand your situation. As a workaround, I think you should try Xodo docs (if you're using highlighting in Android). Xodo is more suitable for this purpose and every change you do in the file will be prompt to save by EN. About this especific feature (Highlighting pdf files), I like to use Xodo because the app summarizes the highlights, allowing me to do a quick review of the content I deemed relevant. Hope that helps!
  5. Ok folks, I figure out a workaround (for most webpages). In the webpage which you want capture: 1. insert this before the url -> http://www.evernote.com/clip.action?url= 2. Press the button to go. The first time you'll have to login. P.S.: Some webpages don't work properly with the formatting (i.e. ç ã ó etc)
  6. Android clipping still not working. Support knows the issue but there's no solution at the moment. In the beta version there's no such issue, but is very unstable (almost lost a note content in the process). Waiting...
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