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  1. Dear gazumped, thanks for your reply! Of course my wishes involve costs. Ik like Evernote but know quite a few people who go to OneNote (without all these restrictions!), Maybe investing. The price for EN Premium versus the free OneNote, or the unlimited version of the Office bundle, does Evernote still need to take to satisfy a certain type of users with higher demands? Now a question: what is the use of a "stand-alone" user to EN Business? Or is it more useful to take a second Premium account? Finally, what do you mean exactly: and new notebook ranges are freely available if and when required Thanks in advance and sorry for broken English at Google Translate;) Like the EN Web Clipper! Making a screenshot from whitin OneNote is also great, but not with the ON Web Clipper. Colors, pics and text looks 'washed out'. Really a pitty that the EN CLipper allows 'only' 200 MB for clipping. On sites like Quora arranged inadequately ... and that for a information gathering-tool (with, in comparison to the unlimited OneNote a 'high' price) ...
  2. Apart from the system of tags, I would personally like to create more Notebooks. And also the maximum size of a clip ...larger. I'm just bumping out of the 200 MB limit. Admittedly, these are proper web clips, but it should not be allowed. OneNote does not have all these restrictions and is free. I myself would already get ahead with say 500 -750 Notebooks (business = 10.000 nb's) and I think max clipsize 300-350 MB. EN is clipping all the time and after a while, it is reported that the clip is larger than 200 MB. Frustrating. On the other hand, I have to say that it is great for clips of more normal sizes and that the EN webclipper is superior to ON WC 2.0. But something strange is that OneNote, knows as a free product (or within Office) have practically no system limitation on all fronts (!). 100.000 notes in EN: ok, a lot. But if I clip, let's say 300 clips a day (not every day) ... and then? I pay for Premium, but there are limits for my personal future use. That future will determine whether I will continue to use EN Premium. Many reviews worldwide and user (!) are exactly the same to conclude. Then there can ring an alarm bell at the EN team ...
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