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  1. You are right, it is actually more productive to export to pdf. I also noticed that you can export the document as a good notes document and save it into evernote. This is useful if you are still working on a task and want to add to your handwritten note. So many possibilities when using both applications.
  2. I also just discovered that with GoodNotes you can select your handwritten text, and it will convert it into typed text. You can then use the share button to import into Evernote.
  3. Hello I have just started using penultimate and I understand that only notebooks with penultimate notes will show up in penultimate. But here is the item that annoys me. I have created a penultimate notebook to start my handwritten notes before I file them in a notebook and tag them. Problem is once I move them and no penultimate notes exist in the notebook the notebook disappears from penultimate. Therefore I have to always have an empty penultimate note in this notebook for it to show. Why can't all notebooks show even if there are no penultimate notes within? Has anyone found a way around this? sorry for the long post and thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks everyone for your help. Truly appreciated.
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if I am able to write using the apple pencil on a pdf or image in evernote. Thanks.
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