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  1. Thank you csihilling -- This lead me to http://discussion.ev...9921#entry59921 from EngBerg (Evernote Employee) This is actually intentional. We treat a "word" as any contiguous sequence of: * letters (as defined by Unicode) * numbers * the underscore character This allows you to use the underscore to make special "magic keywords" like "_foo" that you may want to search for again later. ----------------------------------------------------- I assume that means literally letters -- all the special characters I've tried are from unicode. I haven't tried any "non-english" letters -- hopef
  2. I've read this and have used several of the identified searches. I may have missed it but I didn't see any discussion on special characters or how to handle.
  3. I am not happy with search. It is a very powerful tool but loses a lot when the following are treated equally. ☑test ... same results as test or ... #test..... I've found this to be true on the following platforms: desktop, web, iPad. This is true of almost all extended characters or punctuation. I use tags extensively but there are times I want to tag an item without using a tag (I don't want 1000's of tags to organize or sort). I tried using various characters but Evernote search ignores them. So I cannot set up some special collection like ☑photography. I can do this in OneNote.
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