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  1. Thank you csihilling -- This lead me to http://discussion.ev...9921#entry59921 from EngBerg (Evernote Employee) This is actually intentional. We treat a "word" as any contiguous sequence of: * letters (as defined by Unicode) * numbers * the underscore character This allows you to use the underscore to make special "magic keywords" like "_foo" that you may want to search for again later. ----------------------------------------------------- I assume that means literally letters -- all the special characters I've tried are from unicode. I haven't tried any "non-english" letters -- hopefully I might be able to make a workaround that way. Using only underscore won't work for me (I need a few more characters). I have already created some special searches like "name_vacation_PTO_2015" for tracking vacations. And SUCCESS!!!! Evernote does recognize accented letters like ü, é, etc. Since I'm not writing in any of those languages I'll be able to create the searches I wanted. I still wish EN would go back to recognizing more of utf-8 characters. I like using ♦ instead of ü. ☺ Thank you Metrodon and csihilling, your responses they helped me solve my problem. Now I have one less reason to look at changing over to OneNote.
  2. I've read this and have used several of the identified searches. I may have missed it but I didn't see any discussion on special characters or how to handle.
  3. I am not happy with search. It is a very powerful tool but loses a lot when the following are treated equally. ☑test ... same results as test or ... #test..... I've found this to be true on the following platforms: desktop, web, iPad. This is true of almost all extended characters or punctuation. I use tags extensively but there are times I want to tag an item without using a tag (I don't want 1000's of tags to organize or sort). I tried using various characters but Evernote search ignores them. So I cannot set up some special collection like ☑photography. I can do this in OneNote. In Evernote, if I search on ☑photography, I get everything with photography versus a few that I want to see. Yes, I could use tags but I already have a tag system set up to leverage GTD and some general reference categories. I effectively am looking for a separate sub-tag or category system. This will keep me from being overwhelmed in tags. The more I use Evernote the more I find this a major problem. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find something in thousands of notes that you know is there, but you have to look at 100's instead of maybe 10 or 12. Any suggestions? Is there a list of special characters I could use (I only need maybe 3-6)? Is this something that is planned to be changed in future releases?
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