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  1. That's a great idea. I don't yet have Alexa and I am looking into whether or not it would be useful for my house. Specifically I would want it for a skill similar to this. How would you recall the note? For example could you ask "Alexa, where did I hide the kids' ipads?" or would it be something like "Alexa, pull up the note on where I hid the ipads", and she would read back the whole note? It would be an amazing tool for Alzheimer's patients and others with memory issues to have a tool that could "remember" things for them. Ex: my grandfather was unable to remember if he had fed the dog in the morning and sometimes ended up feeding him several times. As he was feeding the dog he could tell Alexa that he fed the dog breakfast today and ask her later if he had. I could tell Alexa that I put the extra batteries in the far right hand drawer of the kitchen and when I needed them I could ask her where I put them...
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