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  1. I must be missing something bc I do not see the tag icon on my iPad and I do not see the option to customize my home screen. Have there been some changes since those posts were made. I’m a new iPad user but a longtime Evernote user and miss the tag icon.
  2. I also want this feature and not the work around of painstakingly deleting all images as I have been doing. Thank you wemmons for the tip about printfriendly. That is exactly what I want EN to do! That was a great tip.
  3. I would LOVE to see this as an added feature. As so many have said it seems ridiculous that the algorithm selects the image and not the user. Additionally, does anyone know why when I delete all the images of a note, Evernote still shows a thumbnail?
  4. I love the simplified web clipper feature, but I've love it even more if it would eliminate the photos instead of capturing them. All I want is the recipe text without someone's step by step pictures. The way pages are laid out it is cumbersome for me to capture that all manually, but web clipper makes it so much easier. Sadly then, I have to go back and delete all the pictures it just dragged in to hog my space and clutter the note.
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