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  1. Guys Cannot find a way round it - the safest seems to be save as a version and delete the previous file. If you try to over write you get a conflict file in the same notebook if using .doc and it seems additional files with the same name if using .xls and so you have a pile of files with the same name and without the desktop do not know which one to delete. Investigated onenote and the version for windows 10 has one main issue for me - no backup of the stuff that Microsoft is keeping on its cloud. That function was removed when they changed from onenote 2016 to onenote for windows 10. I have chucked in a request that this is added to onenote for windows 10 and have been told it is on their list, and when it is added I will be moving over to onenote and cancelling evernote. . I pay for plus so its going to be a pain to get everthing moved over - shame but there we go.
  2. Sorry if this is already been added - but I use a number of docx files which I save in Evernote and update on a daily basis. In the previous version of android I could just save once I had finished and it updated the file but with nougat that has all changed and I have to over right the file in Evernote and sometimes they are saved and sometimes they are not, sometimes I end up with a conflict file being saved at the same time. If I try and sync before I reopen the files sometimes it has been updated and sometimes not. This does not happen if I use my laptop or desktop but the whole reason for getting Evernote was I can use my tablet - if I cannot fid a resolution of this I think it will goodbye Evernote. Is this just me or has anyone else had this issue. The only reason I use a docx files is I want the files password protected and as Evernote seem to insist they are not going to add password protection to notes I cannot use them.
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