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  1. Yes pleaaase! I would like to be able to customize my header style and Normal Text styling so that all headers created going forward would use that styling I would _really_ like to be able to set a default font for my "Normal Text" and let it stay that way. For now it always reverts to the wrong font size (a default size I didn't pick) and even inside of notes it will revert all the time & I have to change it I did start using the header function where you apply the style to the headers & to the normal font at the beginning of the year but for some reason it made it so my texts were all gray in mobile so I could no longer read them on my phone. So I had to remove all that & return to default styling. I would like to be able to use the markdown header functionality: #h1 ##h2 ###h3. I can use it now but it just takes the styling from the previous paragraph - no actual header styling. I love Evernote but do wish this was not such a hassle.
  2. I really like this idea. I would definitely make & use templates if that was available. Of course, I guess for now I can copy paste layouts. & I do do that sometimes.
  3. This is one of my top requests. I think you can determine which image is shown according to the vertical size of the image (& maybe the horizontal size plays in too but the vertical size seems most important). But I hate attaching a huge vertical image just to keep my cover image as the one I want. I wish I could simply designate the image I want used for the cover image. That would be really great. Thanks, Evernote. You're awesome.
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