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  1. I really bought into GTD a few years ago when I had become overwhelmed by my to-do list. I found a really good book on implementing GTD within Outlook, which suited me as I use Outlook with Office 365 on a daily basis. I read all about TSW and attempted to implement it in Evernote. However, as well as being rather complex, it felt very unnatural to be saving emails into evernote rather than staying in the place I was already using - i.e. Office 365.
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if the following scenario is supported in any way within Saferoom? I tend to scan a lot of documents and then store them as pdf's in Evernote - however, I do not do this with confidential information as I would not want it uploaded unencrypted. I use an app on my iPhone to control the scanner and it is easy to save the documents directly into Evernote.
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