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  1. I was not happy at all with the update to Evernote. I have also downgraded and was very relieved to find this thread. I have been building my business on Evernote for the past 5 years and it's been super productive then just one day randomly they decide to change everything? There were so many missing features and the interface looked terrible. Let's go through a few things that are terrible changes: Overall the interface seems to be some kind of web view or electron app that has much worse performance (notes load slower and it's much less responsive) No preferences or se
  2. I agree. I think Markdown support would be useful. It should also be possible to export these notes as .md files so that they can be used in other use cases like pushing a repository to Github. It would be also be great to automatically update the UI when typing a "- " with a bullet. This happens in other applications like Dropbox Paper where you can automatically get bullets added by typing. Instead of selecting the bullet option in the toolbar.
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