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  1. Not sure what you mean by "I swapped page 2" is this a setting? I have an Evernote use ID & password. So "save" sends the scans to Evernote all in one go. Not sure if it makes any difference but is your Ipad ios10 or later? I'll have another go tomorrow. Is there a setting to increase the DPI of the scans? Thanks for all your help!
  2. I just scanned 5 pages automatically......by automatically do you mean on auto setting? With the Images setting, I got 5 jpeg files........... just what I would like to do! With the PDF setting, I got 1 pdf file............. Not for me I sent these scans via Email.........not what I need to do but good to know. I also saved these scans to the Evernote database........................how did you save them? Did you do all this on an iphone or an Ipad? Can you please tell me how you did it...please? Step by step? Not today, tomorrow will be ok as I suspect you've had enogh of me f
  3. But it is not possible to save multiple scans as jpegs unless you do it one by one. Scan save scan save scan save.. Multiple scans are saved a single PDF file.
  4. So they don't update the help pages & they expect you guys to do all the support. Thats not very nice of them is it. not the best way to attact customers. I read somewhere that it used to import as jpeg & pdf in bulk but they messed it up or changed it on an update. Im sure a PDF editor app would be easy to find. there are probably free apps that do the job. Any clues on how to up the resolution of the scans. They look great on my ipad but when viewed on my PC they look terrible.
  5. Yes & I said is there a way to save to HD/ Gaz said the camera roll was the HD.
  6. It was in this thread Gaz. 7 posts above
  7. You cant both be right as you are contradicting each other.
  8. Gaz just said " Camera roll is the folder in your mobile device's long term storage in which the camera stores all images".
  9. DTlow said "Its not used to save images to the ipad HD" Not you. Just wondered why. I have never asked for any help using Office Lens or Android.
  10. Is there any software that can convert PDF files into jpegs? I dont want to email my pics to myself. Seems a long way about it. I need jpeg output so wondered if it might be easier to batch convert a multi page PDF file into seperate jpegs? Do you think that might work?
  11. I dont have a mobile. I have an ipad but I've never seen a camera roll. I'll have to look for it if you are sure it's there. So in effect I CAN save to the HD...Why did DTlow say "Its not used to save images to the ipad HD"
  12. OK thanks but the quick help guide says otherwise. It says "by default single page scans are saved as an image & milti page scans are saved as a single PDF. Did you know that? A single scan has to be saved after every scan whereas if I do more than one scan without saving it the they are all saved as PDFs. And the quality seems to be pretty low.
  13. Does that mean one scan is an image but if I do more than one it changes to PDF files? No it's the other way around...on the ipad they look great but on my PC they look rubbish.
  14. Another problem I have is in the quick start it says images are added to your scan tray but doesnt say how to find the scan tray? Also says single page scans are saved as an image and multi page scans are saved as PDF files. Does that mean one scan is an image but if I do more than one it's a PDF?
  15. OK thanks very much.... that worked but the scans are really poor. Very grainy. They looked great on the ipad. Do you know how to scan at a higher resolution? They all appear as page 1 page 2 page 3 etc. Why is that?
  16. Oh yes I did that. I see the scans in Evernote on my ipad but not when I log into Evernote on my windows PC.
  17. Can someone please help. Where can I find simple step by step instructions? I have scans i took on my ipad but how do I see them on my PC? I have synced my ipad & PC but what I see on my ipad I cant see on my PC. There are no instructions on anything anywhere. Do I really have to pay for a subscription in order to get some support?
  18. It doesn't make sense to say it is not a viable solution when there is no alternative? What are full framed pictures? If I knew how to get a picture into google Photo I could do the job. Why are you assuming there are large amounts of photos? I'm only doing 20 odd at a atime There are no step by step instructions anywhere. As a new member I can't get support which is why I have been on here for 7 almost hours! All day I have been trying to figure this out. What I have found out in 7 hours could have been achieved on the phone in a few of minutes. I see my photos in Eve
  19. Are you there Gazumped?

  20. Yes and I replied thus..."Is there a way to take a series of scans....save them (in bulk) as jpeg or png files & then move them to my PC? I can't see any of my uploads either yet is says I have used up half of my space" ..... I also said "I could not see my files even when I am logged into Evernote on my PC & the same password does not work on my ipad". So I can only save jpegs to google or icloud in batches ....right?
  21. Finally an answer! Now we're getting somewhere. So what options are there to save jpeg files ? Save to Evernote Google etc but not to the HD of an Ipad ...right?
  22. You said " We have answered your question - Yes, it's possible to use Scannable and save multiple images " But in what file format? Jpeg & Png or just PDF? You still have not answered that.
  23. I appreciate your time but please dont tell me Scannable is overkill when there is absolutley no alternative for what I am trying to achieve. I know scannable saves PDFs in multiples but it doesn't save Jpeg or Png in multiples does it. It is not overkilll it is the only option unless of course it doesnt do what you say it does. Sorry that you can't fully understand my requirements but believe me I did not spend £325 on an ipad to use some software & be told it's no use to me. It is if I can get it to do the job mentioned several times now. You have not clearly answered my the question so
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