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  1. For crying out loud, Evernote COME ON!!! This is still happening in OSX 10.10 and 10.11 with version 6.12.3 of the app.
  2. Steps to reproduce Copy a single line from evernote, excluding any line breaks. Paste into anything you like By adding a spurious line break, this is making Evernote unsafe, useless as a code snippet store for use in command shells. I'm switching to Devon - This has been around for weeks and you guys have done nothing about it.
  3. I also want to change this behaviour - This is a major pain in the a** to have evernote adding spurious newlines when copy/pasting on OSX - It also seems to be inconsistent - restarting the app appears to stop the behaviour. As has already been said - this makes evernote pretty useless for anyone who uses it to keep command line snippets. If I want a newline pasting, then i would copy it in the first place - please revert this behaviour.
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