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  1. I've just moved to Version 6.13 Beta 2. (May 31, 2018). So far, so good. Early testing suggests that the focus problem may be fixed now ?. I can now copy-and-paste without clicking multiple times.? Thanks guys. Edit After testing 6.13 Beta 2 for a while... it is better, but still issues with focus remain. For example click "New Note" and start typing. The cursor is in the new note, but it's not focused, so your typing is lost. Typing something twice is disheartening. These focus issues are a continual source of frustration, responsible for a reduction in productivity. It is almost like the developers of the Windows Desktop program don't use a Windows Desktop. Edit 2 Ahh, just found the issue related to the problem of "click New Note and start typing, typing goes no where". This occurs if you have never set the option: NOTE - SET NEW NOTE FOCUS ON TITLE. If you turn the option on, then turn it off again. Focus works correctly when clicking New Note.
  2. I agree with these comments. I'm currently using Windows Beta (in an attempt to see if its fixed). I'm constantly losing focus and losing text selections, which means that many copy-and-paste actions regularly fail. One set of steps to reproduce the lost copy selections is as follows: click on a different note to the current note select text Press the Control KEY (as part of trying to perform a CTRL-C). The selection is lost. select text again. now CTRL-C works
  3. I am constantly copying text values from my notes using the Windows Desktop Edition, and in recent times, I believe it has started adding a carriage return to the copied text. This is very frustrating because when you paste the content the Carriage return may or may not be apparent and may or may not affect the result. So you may need to use backspace to delete it, or not. Could we have an option to disable appending the carriage return ? Or alternately, my preference would be simply don't alter the paste buffer at all, and simply copy what is selected. I'm fairly sure this is new behaviour in last few months, because I haven't noticed it over the past few years.
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