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  1. Anyone know how to fix the resolution of the icon when an attachment is set to "View as Attachment"? All other text in Evernote is sharp.
  2. Someone posted a screenshot of a note from Evernote Help indicating that the Chrome Web Clipper was a "Groundup Rebuild". Great. What will they have the interns work on next?
  3. Evernote, can you please give us a sense of when functionality will be returned to the Chrome Web Clipper? I miss so many things: 1. The ` shortcut to initiate the web clipper 2. The remarks sections 3. The ability to set the folder with the first letter of the folder name rather than having to scroll through the entire list with my mouse. This massively reduces workflow and attractiveness of Evernote. Thanks.
  4. This didn't seem like a bug to me because no matter how I closed out of the program, the Upgrade button would come back upon startup or sync. But I found a fix for me! If the Upgrade button is on the far right, its original position in the default toolbar or where it appears when it is restored, it will always come back, but if I first move it to another location in the toolbar (far left, center, etc) and then remove it, it doesn't come back! Hope it works for others, too.
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