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  1. I'm having trouble writing simple notes using the iOS basic version. Everytime I write something down, the current line I'm typing on automatically jumps to the top of the screen and I couldn't see what I have written on top. So everytime, I had to take extra steps of dragging the note down just to see the previous texts I use for reference. This problem started after I updated the app two days ago. Is there a way to revert to the old version? Is this part of the update or is this a bug? There seem to be no editing option on the settings. I hope somebody could help. Thank you.
  2. My account was also compromised after I received 5 failed email notifications Saturday afternoon. After learning that my account may have been hacked, I immediately changed my password and revoked a suspicious second device which was created hours before I received the emails. Sunday morning, I received an email from Evernote informing me that my password was reset. I then changed my password for the second time, assuming that the issue is resolved but come Monday evening, I got another failed email notification again. Is this most recent email a delayed notification or is there still s
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