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  1. I started getting these "failed to deliver" emails about 2 hours ago. I have reset my password, unlinked all connected devices, set up 2-step verification. Still I keep getting notifications of emailes failed to deliver, even after trying to disconnect and deactivate all forms of login - so it seems I have not been able to stop them from using my account. From what it seems they are still using my account as I am writing this. I live in Sweden, but in my access history I see logins from Vietnam, Bahrain, Jamaica, China and another Vietnam. What's up Evernote? Does this seem like the kind of account activity that a user might want to be notified about? Does it seem reasonable that a user should be able to stop unauthorized users from their own account as they are happening? Is there any way of knowing what has been sent from my account? Is there any way that I can see what else these people have been doing while they were logged in to my account? Not impressed with your level of security, especially since you seems to have known about this for weeks!
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