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  1. I image all papers now - come tax time, it's great to pass the statements and documents via links to my accountant.
  2. I was always curious how I fit into the usage curve - as of this moment, I have 17,849 notes with about 380 tags since April 9, 2010. I would estimate 50% of my notes come from my web clips or forwarded emails from my inbox. At the rate I'm going I might hit the max. in 10 years - but that is not that far off. I figure by then the underlying Evernote database technology and certainly the underlying Evernote infrastructure will change and remove those limits. I put a lot of pictures I want to keep a long time into Evernote - would like to add video, and I'm sure that would really bump up the storage needs - my guess is that Evernote will hold off on video storage for some time. I actually refer to my Evernote as my external brain pack. (Kudos to Dilbert for the term). Keep up the great work Evernote!
  3. Great - thanks, but I don't seem to be able to do anything with them - it's not like the Mac/PC versions where I can create, edit etc. Am I correct or am I missing something?
  4. I see "My Favorite Tags" with the STAR icon, but how do I see all tags?
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