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  1. I'm getting this too as of yesterday. I am finding the requested storage goes up rapidly on doing any text editing at all (from 1.6 to 2.0 GB while working on a text only note in the last 20 minutes). Is it trying to reserve space for way more cacheing than it needs?
  2. Hi gazumped - thanks for your insight into this. I'm aware of the underlying structure of HTML and the numerous tags which may, neatly or messily, open or closed, end up accompanying copied material. To be honest, it's the open tags which cause the most problem, as formatting gets continued from pasted content onto stuff I write next, and it's frustrating that I can't control this. For similar reasons, I'm used to the workflow of copying via Notepad for many purposes. Guess I'm rather hoping that, given Evernote's use as a replacement for other notes apps, copying via multiple apps shouldn't be necessary. If there is font control in the program, great, bring in all kinds of fonts and let me change them if desired. If there isn't - and there largely isn't, apart from size - then why should Evernote force retention of tags which can't be edited? If there is (or could be) a way of removing or suppressing the effect of formatting tags in Evernote, things could look much better without fuss. Alternatively, a simple font selector like the one in this comment editor could be most useful. Just an idea, if it's not already implemented. Thanks again for your consideration.
  3. I love using Evernote to keep track of quotes and things I've found online from a variety of sources. I'm not so keen on the dreadful mess of fonts I end up with after sticking a few quotes together. I'm grateful that I can now control the text size in a note, but puzzled as to why I can't force everything into being a single font, or at least control which sections of a note appear in which font if more than one font is allowed. Have I missed an obvious control for this, or is there any plan to fix the problem going forward?
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