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  1. I thought I did! I posted under Feature Requests for Windows: If this isn't right, can you please tell me what I should do to fix it? Thanks!
  2. When using the desktop client, I add the tags for my notes by pressing F3, fuzzy searching for the tag, and pressing enter. Frequently, I'll press enter accidentally before the right tag is selected, or with a typo - this results in the creation of a new, incorrect tag. It would be great if you could press backspace after the tag was created to remove it from the note. Instead, you have to switch to the mouse and find the X, which is very small and inconvenient. I'm imagining this could work similarly to email addresses when composing in Gmail - once you complete an address, it appears as a bu
  3. I have the same issue for Evernote 7.9.9 on Android 6.0.1. Shortcuts work only if Evernote is not already running in the background.
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