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  1. Hello, I'm a free user so do not have access to your support (which I'm not complaining about, seems reasonable). Would be grateful if someone else who has the same issue and does have premium could do so... Meanwhile, as requested the version number is 7.9.8
  2. > If you're already in the app, why do you need to tap the shortcut? Because I'm not in the app, I just opened the app before then did something else and it remains open in the background. When I select the shortcut, the app opens at where it was previously open and not where the shortcut goes to. Regardless, half my shortcuts DO open the specific note (whether or not evernote is already open in the background) and half do not. So clearly something is not working as intended here.
  3. So I'm in the app, with a note open, I click the three dots, select 'add to homescreen'. The problem is that the newly created shortcut doesn't work IF Evernote is already open. All it does is open Evernote on whatever note was previously open. However if Evernote is closed, the shortcut works fine. What's even more mysterious is that my older home screen shortcuts work fine all the time. It's just all recent shortcuts I've added which don't work. I did recently downgrade from premium to free, could this be related?
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