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  1. How is adding tags with the mobile web clipper a new feature when the mobile web clipper on iOS is gone? Along with all the sharing integration? And what are the chances of us ever getting back to 1 or 2 click functions like we used to have on versions 9 and older? The update to 10 started burying common functions in menus or requiring twice as many clicks to do the same basic things like moving notes, and now major critical features are disappearing? Am I missing something or are we moving backwards? If each update removes content and functionality, please stop updating.
  2. I have noticed in the latest release that some basic functions have added extra steps that seem unnecessary. First, opening the app and having to navigate to a preferred notebook instead of All Notes (if there is a setting to change this then I missed it and would love to be corrected) is an unwanted extra maneuver. Being able to open the app to my default notebook and organize and distribute notes from there as home base is something that I miss. It's almost like gmail defaulting to "all mail" instead of your inbox. Similarly, moving a new note to its permanent home now requires an extra click because the option to navigate to the note's current notebook was added and you now have to select "move note" instead of having the drop box already there...which is only the case because the app sees everything from the perspective of "all notes" as opposed to your default notebook. Typically, you would already be viewing a note from within its notebook, unless you deliberately navigated to "all notes." It's already just one click to bring up your note tree and select where you'd like to navigate - you've now added a redundant route to do that (which is not fewer clicks or more efficient than the existing route), which adds an extra step to a very basic function that users do regularly. I don't mean to sound petty, but extra steps and having to confirm your navigation choices feels tiresome when the previous version was able to navigate quicker. In that same vein, having a large "edit" button in front of notes when you already could just click inside the note where you'd like to edit seems silly...clicking "edit" prior to placing your cursor in the desired place does exactly nothing except gets the user clicking more. One-step navigation was sublime in the previous version - I appreciate the forward-thinking potential of the new app but the redundancy is something that ought to be pared down in future updates. Single-click navigation was something that Evernote had completely nailed in the past and I trust that within a few updates it can be done again.
  3. I've noticed this a lot throughout the iOS re-release - just the overall redundancy built in and the extra clicks expected for things. I would love to see this pared down and streamlined more, and this edit button is a good example of a whole constellation of these related issues
  4. iPhone 6plus 64 GB, just updated iOS recently as well as app. Honestly, the new version fixed all of my terrible performance problems once the app is running. There is still a delay when opening the app, but what it seems is happening is that the app is syncing before it lets you edit notes to reduce the chance of conflicting changes. I don't always sync before I close the app and open up on my desktop and I used to always run into conflicting edits to notes and with the new app that's no longer an issue going from desktop to phone since it always syncs before edits. Yes, this update took way too long but I can honestly say it was a huge step in the right direction for performance. App is way more stable and responsive after the initial sync
  5. For what it's worth, I've been trying to work through things with customer support and they have promised that a new update will be published to fix the slowdowns in the next couple of days. Like many of the rest of you, I've used other productivity apps and they've all paled in comparison to the previous version of Evernote. Just keep your fingers crossed along with me that it's true and we get a functional update asap.
  6. I am running an iPhone 6plus with iOS 10.2.1 and Evernote 8.1. All of 8 has run very slow for me, especially while syncing or starting a new note but 8.1 brought about crashes when I try to scan documents. It will bring up the camera and capture a picture, but the app crashes while formatting the document for the note 100% of the time. Is anyone else having the crashes as well, or just slowdowns? If I scan and format a document in another app and send it to Evernote everything works great, it's just while it reorients the picture in the Evernote app that it crashes
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