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  1. Hi, I bounce back and forth between Windows EN and Mac EN a lot. Could you please add the "create" option to the right click menu on Mac? (Create Tag, Create Notebook, etc) I used this heavily on tags in Windows EN, but on Mac EN the only option is delete tag. I end up doing this on Windows EN since managing my multiple layers of nested tags is difficult in the tag view on Mac EN. If you could simply add the "create" option to the right click menu on the sidebar, that would eliminate a pain point with Mac EN be a gigantic time saver for me. The styles that Windows EN has on the sidebar would be a huge bonus and hopefully on your roadmap somewhere in the future for Mac EN. Adding the create option would be a much appreciated intermediate step.
  2. Yes! The Favorites bar! I thought that something like that existed at one point on the Mac but I couldnt really find any details on it. Thanks for sharing the article. On Win EN, I can switch the shortcuts to display either in the toolbar or the left panel. I display them in the toolbar on Win, and would love that same option (or something similar) on the Mac. I guess my overall comment to the EN team is that I care more about feature parity between Windows and Mac versions of EN versus having a "Mac only" experience. As a long time EN user, it seems like the efforts to roll out a cool "Mac only" experience hasnt worked so well in the past. (See "The Lion-ification of Evernote" in EN 3.0 above ) I realize some of that reflects a different era and leadership team at EN, but some of the effects of that still linger on.
  3. The Mac EN client has a giant, empty grey space on the toolbar. How about adding the option to display shortcuts on the toolbar like I can on Windows? I would really enjoy the extra space for notebooks and tags on the left panel. It also would make my OSX and Windows EN clients function similarly.
  4. Yea, unfortunately that doesnt work for me. I heavily use the side bar along with a fairly elaborate set of nested tags. Allows me to find stuff quickly, make new tags, move stuff around, etc. It works awesome on Windows. The sidebar was actually substantially improved last year for the Windows EN client, see this EN blog article: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2016/04/21/evernote-windows/ My complaints would be fixed if these same sidebar improvements were added to OSX that were released on EN for Windows back in April 2016.... As long as they update the right click menu!
  5. PLEASE fix this so that the right click menu on the left panel is the same when I right click on a tag between OSX and Windows. I heavily use nested tags a few layers deep based on the Michael Hyatt tagging method described here: https://michaelhyatt.com/evernote-tags.html I spend 60% of my time in Windows and about 40% of my time on a mac. Often I have both machines open in front of me. Tag management is easy on Windows with the right click menu and drag/drop. It is painful on the Mac. I've attached a screenshot of the right click menu on both. At a minimum, Please fix it so that there is something other than "Delete Tag..." in the menu on the mac. I've accidentally deleted tags more than once by moving too fast... Here is an example of the tag workflow on both platforms: On Windows, I navigate to the nested tag I want to add to, right click, select "create tag in...", DONE. If I want to rearrange, it is a simple drag/drop. On Mac, I have to go to the tag screen, create a new tag, find the new tag in the list (since it was sorted alphabetically after creating), expand the nested tags to the location I want (which expand to the right instead of down (???), and then drag/drop it in. If I want to move one, I need to navigate the crazy right expanding tags, find the source and destination, and drag/drop. Adding tags on the mac is a test of patience, and I will typically go to my Windows machine to make any tag changes. I also use the tag styles in Windows for my top level tags (Bold, colors, etc). That only appears on Windows, I would love it if that appeared on the Mac as well. I cant be the only one with this same frustration and request. Thank you for fixing this!
  6. Just downloaded the beta, a few requests/questions: - I'm assuming the beta keeps a separate copy of my EN database compared to the app store version, correct? Any concerns I should be aware of when having both on my system? - Can you please add the right click menu option to create a nested tag on the sidebar tags? I currently am using Evernote 75% in windows and 25% on mac (but it varies) and that missing function on the mac side is driving me nuts! I use the tagging very extensively. All I see on the Mac side is the option to delete a tag, and I've almost accidentally deleted tags a few times on the mac because I was moving too fast. Can you PLEASE add this in? The other stuff the PC client has in this menu would be cool too (styling tags, etc) but certainly secondary. - Will the mac ever support the ability to have favorites in the toolbar at the top of the window like how the PC client does it? I will certainly reply if I find any issues as I test this beta out. Thank you for all of your hard work!
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