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  1. Yes have to specify, thanks to DTLow: doing quick points, it works. slow points and especially slow drawn lines do NOT,appear. Mhm.... the forced touch with Pencil works, how could I miss that? however, the broad stroke /tilting the pen does not work.
  2. This is already an old thread but I have to comment here because this is an issue that still - for iOS users (I have not tried other environments) - has NOT been solved. I am working on my iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil. Now who knows Apple Pencil, it has two special features, one is that the thickness of the line can be changed by applying different pressure and the other one is that if you tilt the angle and use the "sides" of the tip, it gives a stroke similar to what you'd see using a normal pencil. Now I have tried the Pencil in both Evernote and OneNote. Evernote does NOT supp
  3. Emailing content is pretty easy, what kind of problem are you experiencing? Ah sorry, I know what you mean, I was in my thoughts at emailing content TO onenote. Yeah that is sth that should be changed, but working in macOS environment I dont have my hopes up on this one :/
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