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  1. Hello all, I'm considering starting to use Evernote to save my personal and business files however I'm not sure what account type I need and if I need multiple accounts or not. Below is the situation - what would be the best practice for getting started? - I run two companies, and would need to share access to some notes with employees but keep other notes confidential. The companies should be kept separate. These are small businesses so each note or notebook would need to be accessible by 2-5 people - I'd like to archive personal items as well and share with my wife but not have these visible to my employees So, do I need multiple accounts? Do we create an account for each business and have employees use that login or does each employee create their own account and we share notes to them individually? I do want the business card scanning functionality so I know I'm in for at least premium, but does the above situation require a business account? Multiple premium accounts? One premium account and several free accounts?
  2. I don't suppose this has been implemented yet? I run 2 small businesses and would like to start using Evernote for both but need to keep them separate, and I'd like to have a personal account as well. Am I to understand that doesn't really work on iOS devices? Separate notebooks doesn't really work as I will need to share my business accounts with my bookkeeper and admin staff, and those are different people for each business. I certainly don;t want them in my personal account either.
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