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  1. As I said in this thread, cancel does not work to set a reminder without a date. It simply cancels for me.
  2. Doesn’t work for me. It only cancels. Can someone from Evernote please fix this? iPhone X
  3. I often add a reminder without a date. Sort of like pinning an important note to the top of a notebook. It appears this capability was removed from lastest update to the iOS app? Is that a bug? When will you fix? Please bring it back!
  4. I agree, seems to be persistent and slow. After Evernote and iOS update, Evernote is super slow when the app is opened. Takes a good 10 seconds to be able to tap and get a response. Especially painful if one is on a call, in a meeting and need to access a note. Is it network related? Why is Evernote insisting on going back to network if I have 'use while disconnected'. The delay is really cumbersome and makes the app not usable as designed.
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