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  1. Was there ever any resolution to this case? Seems like a pretty serious problem. I'm not hitting it.
  2. THANKS for the help....I was dragging the icon the wrong toolbar(s). Case closed :-)
  3. Observed Behavior: When I'm reading a note, and I click on the little pulldown triangle in the upper right, and I select Customize, I get a pop up with some button icons that says: To customize your toolbar, add buttons by dragging them to the toolbar. Drag them off to remove." But when I drag them (e.g. Delete) to the tool bar, I can't drop them there - I keep getting the 'do not' circle thing. (see screen snippet for context) Expected behavior: I can drop the button (e.g. Delete) on the tool bar in the note and it will remain there for future notes. Please help as this feature would be helpful. (Clicking Edit to delete a note is counter-intuitive.) Thanks, Paul
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