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  1. Could you provide a link to this please? I just searched through all 14 pages of the features request section and could not find it!
  2. Understood. However, not all users use the app in the same way. There are many (including those who have posted in this forum and others who don't have the patience to log in and request the feature in this forum) who would prefer the app to allow the device screen to go off as with most normal apps. Users determine their usage of apps, not developers. Remember that this topic was started over 5 years ago in another forum and yet Evernote has not done anything about it. Maybe it's time to move to another note app. Thanks for a competitive market in Play Store!
  3. Unbelievable! This topic had started in 2011 and even after 5 years there is no solution from Evernote! I can understand some users may want the screen to stay on so at least give an option for users who don't. It can't be that difficult right? The lack of support for such a basic feature may lead many to move to another note app.
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