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  1. I can confirm the share via PRINT-Menue. Works fine right from the start of this new version EN. The "open with EN"-option was a new idea to me and it works great as well. I keep getting new versions of EN, but the missing share-option is still missing.
  2. Hi Pink Elephant, this works, I know. But isn't it funny? I realized another issue: If the note is older (i.e. imported some days ago) and I change the name of the annex, it mostly works. Mostly. Bluesy
  3. Hi PinkElephant, so this really seems to work: Rename, switch to a different App for just a moment and back to EN. Funny, isn't it? Thanks Bluesy
  4. I tend to copy the title as new name for the attachments. As I am German, I use letters ä and ö and ü in my titles. It is obvious that this can not be accepted as name for the attachment. Since I realized that I am having less problems. But sometimes still a name is not accepted and I do not have a clue what the reason would be. Bluesy
  5. I got an answer from the support team, but just telling how to make a copy of my activities. It seams that we both are the only ones having this problem. Yesterday on one scanned note I could not even change the topic. Whenever I tried, it turned back to the topic given by the scanner after a while. Very strange. Bluesy
  6. No search for capital K! Such a pity! But thanks again, DTLow. Bluesy
  7. Whenever I search my notes for (example) potato, evernote finds a match for potatoes as well ... even if don't look for potato* with an asterix. The help for search-syntax tells me that potato would only match the exact word. So why does it match potatoes too? And how can I find the exact word potato and nothing else? And more: As I am German, how can I find Kindergarden (with a capital-K) but not kindergarden? Thanks Bluesy
  8. That is it! Thanks! I can start from that. I tried to drag the files to the apps icon, which did not work. I have to drag the files into a notebook. It works with different formats. I will try them all. Bluesy
  9. Thanks DTLow. Evernote keeps telling me that no window is open. It does not let me import any file.
  10. 😨 before Evernote existed I used to manage my notes and ideas with a fancy little German app. Now I want to import these nearly 2.000 notes in Evernote for Mac. How would I do this? The little app is able to export into various formats: Office Open XML (.docx), OpenDocument Text (.odt), RichTextFormat (.rtf), XML, CSV, HTML, Markdown (.md), Text (.txt) and LaTex (.tex). One of all these should work. Thanks for help Bluesy
  11. Hi there, I am working with Evernote for Mac in German. I very often scan documents as new notice into Evernote. The PDF-Attachement appears with random filename. Then I give the notice a different title. This title I want to give to the attached PDF-file. There ist a function "rename" for this purpose (I use the German version and hopefully this ist the correct translation). This works properly and when I open the PDF-File right away it shows this new name. But then this name disappears in Evernote. The attached file shows the old name again. I have to repeat the renaming several ti
  12. Great! Thanks. I willl try it.
  13. This works fine, if you work for instance with the inbox. But no way if you do not want to change the box. Wouldn't it be nice to search for all notes in a certain box that do not have any tags? This does not exist, or does it? Bluesy
  14. Thanks for the answers. I will try it out. The Point of DTLow seems to be a very good one. It is just that my problem concerns Notes that come in handwritten from my Neo smartpen. They go not into the inbox, but into a special Molescine box. I want them to stay there. But let's see if it works with tags. Bluesy
  15. I have to say that I am working with Evernote in German. As everyone else I very often have to add tags to my notes. I do this in a bulk, which meens that I have a lot of notes one after the other that need tagging. So I write into the tagging-box and then have to switch to the next note. In order to do so I have to change the cursor to highlite the next note. This annoing. Is there any shortcut to get to the next note without loosing the focus on the input box for the tags? It would make my work much faster. I hope I could make my point clear. Thank you Bluesy
  16. The second file always states the original file name and this message: �EN_ATTACHMENT�. Nothing else.
  17. Since one of the last updates I get every imported pdf-file twice. One of those just states some useless information. I have to delete it every time. It does not matter if this import comes from my Mac or from my smartphone. Any idea? Thanks
  18. Now that was it! If I increase the sidebar I get aa the options that you have. Thanks so much. I would never have found out without your help. Now it looks good.
  19. So here is the screenshot. It is all in German, but it comes exactly as you know it in English. What's missing is Shortcuts, Recent Notes, Hide (or show) Note Counts, Hide Notebook List and Show Tag List.
  20. It is a German version so we might get mobbed . But it is on my Mac, it is 10.6 and I do not have these choices. When I changed from free Evernote to Premium I was wondering if I should erase the whole App and start it completely new. Could this be helpful?
  21. I am using Evernote as it comes from the App Store. If this is the web platform, what else do they have? And where do I find it?
  22. Thanks again, DTLow. When I open the sidebar options, I do not see the option "Show Tag List". Other options that I do not see are "Shortcuts", "Recent Notes", "Hide Note Counts" and "Hide Notebook List". I am working with Evernote Vers. 6.10. and the latest macOS Sierra. Any idea?
  23. That sounds nice and would solve the problem. Did not know, that this is possible. How do I show the tags in the sidebar?
  24. Thanks and you are right: I work on a Mac. And I know the tag list in the sidebar. And I get the dropdown, when I stat writing. But I need it as a complete list to chose from. Alt+ cmd +3 opens the list from the sidebar, but this is not to choose from. Most of my notices are tagged with more then one item. That is why I need the list to choose from.
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