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  1. You can configure a keyboard shortcut within the clipper overlay itself: click "Options" at the bottom of the overlay, then "Keyboard shortcuts" in the Options windowlet. Then, if you still want other ways to trigger it, you can configure BTT or KM to press that keyboard shortcut in response to a gesture or typed string or whatever.
  2. The links seem to be broken. I'd be interested in seeing your scripts, if you're still willing to share.
  3. Bring back the ability to create "classic" evernote:/// note links that open in the desktop app. Believe it or not, some of us still use "computers"! Until recently I was able to make do with AppleScript, but even that seems to be broken at least in the latest EN beta.
  4. Although... I've been having trouble lately with scripts that used to work. Haven't put much effort into troubleshooting since I'm running a beta of EN.
  5. Yes, basically the same view I get after double-clicking a notebook in the list of notebooks. (In case it's not clear, I'd want this in the desktop app, not the web interface.)
  6. I was using the AppleScript for a while, but as of today it now consistently causes Evernote (6.11 beta 1) to crash. (It also crashes if I edit the script to try to grab note attributes other than the link, such as the title.)
  7. I'd like the ability to create a hyperlink to a notebook too — for the ability to have notebook links outside Evernote itself. (Right now I'd like to have one-click access to my Evernote "_Inbox" notebook from within OmniFocus, but I'd have plenty of other uses for this as well.)
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