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  1. I'm now running Version 7.11 Beta 1 (457837 Direct) and will give it a few days to see if the problem reoccurs
  2. Hmmm. For me that folder is 8 GB and contains about 250, 000 items so it doesn't seem like a casual throwaway item.
  3. I know this is an old topic but this info was worth its weight in gold to me. While suffering a wicked sore throat and other cold symptoms, I did a series of teaching sessions at a university with which I'm associated. Students moving in and out of the sessions, custodial staff needing to lock the room on schedule, one student with a forgotten coat, a number of supplies to pack up -- what with one thing and another I forgot that I had an Evernote web session active in a browser tab. If not for the tip given above, my extensive Evernote data would have been open an accessible in a Uni environme
  4. Now that we”re dealing with a (presumably supported) released OS, I note that attempts to send from Apple’s News to Evernote doesn’t seem to work, taking interminably long to, eventually, do nothing. Meanwhile similarly attempts from Flipboard crash that app. Is there an incompatibility list (and fix commitment timeline) anywhere?
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