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  1. but ctrl+f don't search within images, so what if i have images in a note, and want to search. please request to evernote team to settle this issue.
  2. ohh! what a nightmare!!, facing the same problem, let me tell u my story first. I am having basic evernote account, using it for few months now, last month i uploaded somewhat more images making the limit to go 59MB and 3 days left in cycle. so, in these days, i did some more of work and it hit the upload limit of 60MB the next day. So, 2 days left in cycle. waited for 2 days, then came the drama of 0 days left in cycle. (what the hell is 0 day??), then ok, i waited one more day, Huh!, next day, again showing the same in desktop that limit hit and 30 days left in cycle. But on web, it shows 60mb left in cycle as it was renewed. So, i followed this thread and tried logging out and in, no success, then someone said, empty the trash and then sync, since i was not having anything in trash, so i deleted one notes and then emptied the trash, again no help. So, what Now?? so i went to web, then deleted one note, and then came to desktop, synced it to get that deleted note in trash on desktop. Now emptied trash, and it worked. Bingo!!!
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