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  1. but ctrl+f don't search within images, so what if i have images in a note, and want to search. please request to evernote team to settle this issue.
  2. ohh! what a nightmare!!, facing the same problem, let me tell u my story first. I am having basic evernote account, using it for few months now, last month i uploaded somewhat more images making the limit to go 59MB and 3 days left in cycle. so, in these days, i did some more of work and it hit the upload limit of 60MB the next day. So, 2 days left in cycle. waited for 2 days, then came the drama of 0 days left in cycle. (what the hell is 0 day??), then ok, i waited one more day, Huh!, next day, again showing the same in desktop that limit hit and 30 days left in cycle. But on web, it shows 60
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