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  1. I would love to be able to format my notes - please add menu bar with tabs. That said I would would love to indent my tables so first column is not flush left. Not that hard to do hope you can integrate in future additions Screen_Shot_2018-07-04_at_12_32_02_PM.pdf
  2. thank you so much for your response. I am on the Mac side, but the issue is the same. I also found the same solution just to drag the completed checkboxes to the bottom. If you or anyone else in the forum have a template for telephone call log. When a call comes into my voicemail. I log it in including check mark date and time received and date and time spoke to and finally if there are any comments. I choose to save the completed (checked) messages because many a time, going through the old lists it sparks me to call someone just by seeing their name. If you have a template or can recommend either in Evernote or elsewhere that can accomplish this, that would be great. John
  3. I am grateful for the checked to do boxes, but for it to be really useful for me, I want to be able to hide those boxes that have been checked. Now I have to drag and drop them once completed into a completed notebook. Some people suggest just to erase when complete, I like to save them. Is there a work around for that? I can do this is OmniFocus. John@svirsky.com
  4. Since I am always taking notes I would love to see a rule which will permit me to format more efficiently. That would be lovely.
  5. I would love to see a keyboard shortcut for attach file. It seem like such a time waste to have to go to paper clip each time.
  6. Premium user. MacOS and IOS. My issue is when is scan a business card in either scannable or Evernote on the iPhone 7 +. it does go automatically to my business card section in Evernote, which is good. What I also need it to do is to go directly into Apple Contacts, yes I have the setting turned on to go to contacts. The next part of the equation is that I do not use Apple Contacts, I use Busy Contacts and all information is saved to my google domain. I would welcome help so I can have confidence when I scan a card it is going into my contacts for future use. thanks in advance Example: Evernote link of business card in Evernote Ll https://www.evernote.com/shard/s13/sh/7f6c7a75-9adb-4e07-80a1-6918e89110b7/a8a64791b5623f8705ce3c8e9d81e54a Attachment of settings in Evernote Camera/ business cards EF9D81B0-1FBE-4FCE-8252-D52962CDE863.pdf
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