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  1. OK. That's a clear answer. Thank you. Can I put this in as a feature-request? :-)
  2. Hi, Is there a way to change the font color whilst working on a phone/tablet (Android). I work with colors while working on my PC (Windows), but when editing whilst on the road I cannot seem to change the font color. Which means I always have to remember and edit when returning home. Kind regards, Nanette
  3. Hi, I work a lot (and I mean A Lot) wit todo-lists (checkboxes). It's my favorite feature in Evernote! :-) What I would realy like is being able to quickly cut/paste an item to place it somewhere else. And this doesn't work on my Android phone/tablet when ín a list. I have to first delete the checkbox it (automatically puts on the new line) to be able to paste my cut item. I'm not sure if I'm clear enough; i hope so. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Nanette
  4. No, definitely not just you. I'm hoping for a feature where you can see/adjust that. As well as paragraphmarkers 'cause sometimes things fly all over the place and I don't know why.
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