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  1. Hello, I've been waiting since May 3, 2020, but the connection to the evernote service is still stuck. I still can't log in if I log out. If not, it cannot be synchronized. I have checked again, other Internet services are still working. Please try to help us how to fix it.
  2. Big Khoai

    Fix need

    From 3/5 to now my evernote on ipad Ios cannot be updated anymore. ie asynchronous. while on Android sometimes synchronized. sometimes ok, sometimes not, I'm very upset about this incident. It has been almost 2 weeks now. Please find the cause and fix these errors.
  3. Big Khoai

    Fix need

    we could not connect to the evernote server, could not sync. status only until 4/29.
  4. Big Khoai

    Fix need

    These days, it's been a problem, sometimes, not on all operating systems
  5. Big Khoai

    Fix need

    it informs, can't connect to the evernote service, can't sync, and log out can't log in anymore.
  6. Big Khoai

    Fix need

    Currently, login to our evernote server in Vietnam is very problematic. Please help and fix.
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