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  1. I blocked it and the only issue is that Evernote crashes every time I quit the app (Mac OS). I received a response from Sophie / Evernote Support on Nov 13, 11:04 PST:
  2. I installed the latest update ( Version 6.13 –455673 Direct) for MacOS and noticed Evernote attempts to connect to tealiumiq upon startup. I know that tealiumiq is used for "tag management" and advertising. Can you please answer: Why exactly does Evernote want to attempt to tealiumiq's servers, is this connection necessary for the application and service to function properly, what data is sent to tealiumiq, how long is this information stored at tealiumiq, is it shared with any other organization, and is it used to advertise or market to users in any way? Thank you.
  3. How many times have I emailed your support team and told you get your $hit together?!? You're the only SaaS I know who won't just take our money, shut up, and sit back and collect. You continually ruin a decent product, ram your unwanted marketing down our throats (paid subscriptions or not), and introduce compulsory "features" that make it harder for us to use your software to get things done. Never before have I had to opt-out of more "features" than with Evernote: don't want the Evernote branding at the bottom of emails? Gotta opt out (BTW, that was me who complained) don't want the Evernote name in the subject line of emails? Gotta manually delete (Again, me who complained) don't want to see Evernote's "upgrade to team" marketing in the sidebar of you paid, PREMIUM subscription? Gotta open a ticket and wait to see what BS the product manager can come up with this time (It was a feature bug). BTW, you *still* haven't fixed that "bug." want to share notes via email? Why not try Evernote chat? You should try Evernote chat. Here, we'll make it the default for you and make you perform three more steps to share a note via email. Are you sure you don't want to try Evernote chat?? (You see why I hate you?) In complete honesty, I've lost all faith in Evernote. You're only consistent at one thing: ruining my workflow. Don't you find it odd Google search autocompletes searches for "Evernote" to "Evernote alternatives?" It's because you don't get it. Stop trying to be Basecamp, or Slack, or SimpleNote. Just stop. Go back to when you had happy users, a decent (and manageable) UX, and a bloatless app. You've ruined Skitch, botched your iOS scannable app, focused on all the wrong features, and I'm here to tell you it's over. I read SpiderOak's coming up with a nice little competitor. And perhaps OneNote will introduce some encryption while you're down on your luck? Maybe you should read the tech blogs outlining the dozen or so similar applications to replace Evernote? Here's my free advice: 1) focus on your users' needs. 2) pivot to find income streams without ruining #1. 3) Repeat as needed. Call me if you want me to fly out there and fix your train-wreck of a product.
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