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  1. I would like to correct this, because it is not correct. There are two reasons that if you have a 64 bit computer, 64 bit applications are faster. First, programs compiled to 64 bit can usually be made to run faster on 64 bit CPUs than 32 bit programs can be made to run on 32 bit CPUs. This is even before considering that if the software is memory intensive, then it will run far, far faster in 64 bit. Second, on a 64 bit Windows computer, 32 bit applications have to run in a 32 bit CPU emulation mode. It's really more of a thin compatibility layer than a big-time emulator, but
  2. It would be handy to be able to follow a link in the desktop software. For instance, OneNote for Windows will follow a pasted link right to the spot where the link was created. But in Evernote, it would be helpful to at least have a menu item like "Go To Link" in which a user could paste a web Evernote link and Evernote would go to the equivalent note in the desktop software. I use the desktop version and my friend uses the desktop version, but if I copy a link and he follows it, he has to go to the web version of Evernote. There are even ways that you could streamline the linking from
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