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  1. Does IFTTT really need to have notifications turned On for the recipe to work properly? I've reverted back to using "Add Evernote Reminder" and skipping IFTTT entirely. IFTTT doesn't seem to consistently trigger, and so I'm going to just add notes directly until a better solution comes along.
  2. That was very logical, helpful, and thanks to your suggestion, I've gotten it working. The trick for me is, I say to Siri, "Add Reminder Take Fluffy For A Walk." When I do that, Siri says, "Okay, I'll remind you." Then the IFTTT recipe is triggered, and it auto transcribes it to "Siri Notes" in Evernote. Awesome. Thank you, DTLow!
  3. Thanks for the reply. I verified the Siri Search settings are on. The IFTTT recipe I have has never been trigged. It would be nice to be able to speak a note to Siri, have it Saved in Evernote, and have that done without Siri asking, "Which List Should I add that to?" Specifically, I'd like to record notes in the same Evernote Note without Siri asking me every time which list it should be saved to. If that can be done, how do you do that, please?
  4. I've been unable to get the IFTTT recipe, "Speak Notes to Evernote using Siri and IOS Reminders" to function, at all, and am curious if anyone has ideas on how to get it functioning properly with my iPhone 7. Steps I've taken: 1. IFTT account is set up and other Applets are functioning properly. 2. I set up Speak Notes to Evernote using Siri and IOS Reminders by a). Created a Reminder List titled, "Evernote," and b. Created an Evernote Note titled, "Siri Notes." I clicked the "Check Now" button and it indicates, "Checked." When I activate Siri, I say, "Add Evernote Reminder Ta
  5. Yes, I see that. Thanks. It's available, but requires more steps to access, versus previous versions where you could just click the spinning icon at the top of the screen. Hope they bring that feature back.
  6. When I click on the user screen, there's no sync icon that I see. If I scroll down, there is an option to "Sync Now." In previous versions the sync icon was at the top of the screen. It'd be nice if there was a sync icon at the top of the screen within shortcuts.
  7. 1. I do see that option, which is uself. However, this option is unavailable if navigating to the note through a shortcut 2. I don't see the original sync icon anywhere within the app. When you indicate "user screen," which screen are you referring to, please? 3. With the latest iteration for IOS, I primarily navigate from the Shortcuts screen. And there doesn't appear to be any way to edit a note, then see it's sync status upon closing. I see the spinning sync indicator if dragging down from the notebook list, but not from the shortcuts list. For future development, I want to s
  8. Is there a sync icon in the latest Evernote IOS App? In previous editions, I could see when the App was syncing with the Evernote servers, but in the latest IOS App, which is a pretty great version, this functionality seems to be missing. Does the sync icon exist, and if not I want to suggest this as a feature? Thanks.
  9. Hi, When I scan business cards, they upload to the Mac Contacts program, but only the phone number and email address import -- there is no name for each Contact. To clarify, I've set up my Scansnap Evernote edition on my mac to scan business cards, and it scans them successfully, including the specified tag and folder. In Evernote it shows the pic of the card and has all the contact information. But when it's automatically exported to the Apple Contacts program, ONLY the phone number and email address show. Is there a workaround to this problem or is this a known issue? Thanks.
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