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Auto-Formatting off? Command-Z is not productive


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I'm very disappointed that you can't disable auto formatting in the new Evernote for Mac. What's the reason? I provided feedback in the last release, and the new release does not bring this back. It's just a simple checkmark and a sentence "auto format off". I work ALL DAY with lists and the bullets are too bold and distracting. I use "-" and I just CAN'T believe a simple thing like this is not possible.

Evernote recommends to use Command-Z all the time with every "-"... really? It makes no sense for a software that it's supposed to be productive and modern. I can't believe Evernote has no preferences, no customization. So basically we have to take whatever design. There's a new home with widgets (but most for Premium only). So, a lot of stuff I can't use, and a simple thing I want to use is not there anymore.

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