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  1. I totally agree. Why was this feature removed? I used it a lot too...
  2. Thanks for the response CaIS (and Merry Christmas everyone, by the way :). This is exactly the case. "Open" works just fine in files without a period in their name. Happy to hear the issue has been corrected in newer versions (most of my files have periods in their name: that is my standard way of writing dates).
  3. I would like very much to see this change reversed. "Open with" is not working properly in my case (nothing happens when I try it; my default reader is PDF X-Change). I had to change for "show as an attachment", losing the ability to preview the PDFs inside of Evernote. Sad business...
  4. +1 (please... it can't possibly be that difficult...)
  5. The "Allow access to file URLs" fix doesn't work for me as well.
  6. Reinstalling appears to work for me as well. [EDIT] The problem came back after a few hours...
  7. Same problem here. It happens even in incognito mode (no extensions), in two different computers (Win7 and Win10) and almost any site I have tried. Started a couple of weeks ago (no problems before). Works after refresh.
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