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  1. I've been using an app called Journey for journaling, and their approach is to do markdown inline with syntax-based highlighting/updates to "preview" what your text would look like. Then when you look at the note outside of "edit" mode, you see the properly-rendered version. I would love to see something like this for Evernote. I don't need a separate pane, but some simple syntax previews coupled with markdown rendering when you're not editing a note would be really great.
  2. I know EverTool has been mentioned before (it's wonderful) and I wanted to call out a package for Sublime Text 3 that I recently found. You do need to get a developer token (which you have to enable) and therefore give the package access to your account, but it's VERY slick and does a great job of enabling creating/editing notes in markdown. Here's the article describing the ST3 package and how to get going with it.
  3. Thank you for your great effort and this wonderful tool, @ctxhou! EverTool works great as described! I'm using it in conjunction with MacDown and the results have been very slick 🙂 My process right now is to create a new note, create a new MacDown file and attach it to the note, then write and use EverTool for the transform.
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