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  1. I have a long list of notebooks. When I move a note on the iOS app, there is a nice "Find a notebook" search bar at the top. I'd love to have the same in the Web Client.
  2. Every modern mail client offers text expanding for email addresses stored in your address book without extra software and without remembering hotkeys. If you prefix the address book contact names with "Evernote - ", e.g. "Evernote - Wedding", "Evernote - Germany Trip 2017" etc., typing in "ever" will give you a nice selection of all the Evernote notebook emails you have, so you don't have to remember if it was "Germany Trip 2017" or "Germany 2017" or "germany_17" etc. Also, keeping the subject line mostly unchanged allows the email clients to group the mails together (see second last paragraph of OP).
  3. Currently, all emails I send to my Evernote "Email Notes to" address land in the "Inbox" notebook. I am suggesting to have a separate email address for each notebook, just like Todoist has a separate email for each project. I know, it is possible to route an email into a specific notebook by adding "@notebook_name" to the email subject but in practice, this is inconvenient, time consuming, and error prone. you have to remember to use "@" (instead of "#" as it is in other applications). You have to type the notebook name correctly. You have to click edit subject + navigate to the end of it + type out the notebook name manually ... For the Todoist projects to which I often email todos, I saved the corresponding email addresses into my address book, all prefixed with "Todoist - " - thus, when I start typing "Todo" in the recipient field, all of my email clients are giving me auto-complete suggestions for all Todoist project email addresses I saved. Very convenient, very fast to use, no danger of mistyping. I'd love to do the same with Evernote notebooks. A nice side effect of not modifying the email subject: all common email clients are automatically grouping emails with the same subject into a thread (even if prefixes like "FWD:" are added). Thus, leaving the subject as is when forwarding to Evernote will attach this forwared email to the same thread as the original one, making it easy and convenient to check which ones you saved to Evernote already. This feature request also reflects the desires of dozens of commenters on the following two feature requests. Yet, I decided to create a separate thread here because the other two are only mentioning this feature among others: Feature Request: Link multiple email addresses to Evernote account Multiple Email Adresses
  4. seems to be a duplicate of Feature Request: Read-Only Option for Notes. We may want to close this thread and focus on the linked one as the latter already has more votes.
  5. As probably thousands of Evernote users, I have a separate notebook for each project (matching the corresponding project in Todoist). Once I finish a project, I can easily archive it in Todoist but in Evernote, there is nothing convenient. I can move the notebook in an "Archive" stack but that won't exclude the notes from searches and break my stack organization. I can go through all notes in the "Archive" stack and add the "archive" tag but this is error prone - imagine I miss one or I ever need a note from there and move it to an active project notebook, I still won't be able to find it because it will still have the "archive" tag on it. A dedicated "Archived" checkbox on each notebook would be the solution to all our problems. Folks could then either create a dedicated "Archive" notebook, mark it as "Archived" and move all single notes they want to archive there, or, like me, archive whole notebooks once the corresponding project is done without moving them out of the stacks where they belong. Just like in Todoist, there would be a special "Archived" section in the left panel, showing all notebooks which were marked as "archived" in each stack, archived notebooks are not shown per default while having a notebook placeholder saying something like "show archived notebooks" per default, notes in archived notebooks are not shown in search results but each search result list ends with a link / button saying something like "search archived tasks ..."
  6. Besides all the other awesomeness of Evernote, it also became my favorite document scanner app. If I "scan" multiple pages at once (with my iPhone), I usually want to eventually store them as a multi-page PDF. Instead, Evernote creates a single note with each photo (perfectly cropped, readability enhanced, and OCR scanned) as a separate image in the note. On the Mac, I can right-click somewhere in the note content and choose "Convert Note to PDF" but this creates a single-page PDF with all note content and selections (in particular the multiple images) stitched together as one long image. Sometimes, it comes in handy to store the scan-enhanced photos as separate images but in most cases I really want a multi-page PDF out of those. Thus, it would be great if there would be some easy way of doing so on the iOS app and on the Mac. It could be a post-pricessing step or some checkbox in the photo-taking process on the iPhone or both. On the Mac, there is already the "File -> Save attachments to Folder" option. What about a "File -> Save attachments as PDF" option next to it? On the iOS app, when viewing a single note, this option could go into the "three dots" additional options menu, next to "Simplify Formatting". I know that I can choose "File -> Print Note ..." on the Mac and select "PDF -> Save as ..." which comes close to what I want, despite that I have no control over the page breaks and it still puts the note's title at the top. I want each image from the note to fill the entire page, just as if I would have scanned these pages with a hardware scanner.
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