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  1. Hi guys. Please don't forget to hit the button "VOTE-UP". We have only two votes (counting with me) :-(
  2. Hey developer team! Listen to me too. I will really appreciate choose a picture as thumbnail. Please add this feature ;-)
  3. Hey fellows.. It's weird to me. Doesn't work until now I read this discussion. I uninstalled and installed again. Didn't ask me login ou out. I tried remove the extension and installed through download of developer site and nothing happens again. And I customized the icon and put it on the right side in the bar. Nothing happen. The menu bar had a elephant icon that crop print screens(new features of this new version Evernote app) and I just the Evernote app and the web clip back to life again! Hey Mr. Ruben, may be it's a conflict app matters.
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