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  1. It would be a great feature! As a mechanical engineer student and Evernote lover, it is currently the main topic I miss on Evernote! I really like the Evernote for Windows version, but I really miss the possibility to add math symbols and equations... I hope we can see this feature in a near future on Evernote.. *ps: I'm from Brazil and my English is a working in progress... jajaja
  2. Thank you Dave-in-Decatur for your comments! Based on informations I find out in this forum I solved the problem in my case switching the samsung keyboard to swiftkey keyboard. After this action the BT keyboard is working properly with accented characters. Thank you!
  3. I have been using a Motorola KZ500 keyboard and I am having the same problem with accented characters in portuguese keyboard. The problem occurs just in note's body and not happens in the title of the note.
  4. I have been using OpenSuse stable and I am premium Evernote user since 2012. A native version of Evernote for Linux would be awesome!
  5. Essa função também seria muito útil para meu uso. Sinto falta desta funcionalidade
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