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  1. I actually think simplify formatting is hugely useful! I use it all the time. And much to my dismay the functionality has now changed... If you use Evernote like I do for any kind of research style work, then you're continuously copying snippets from all sorts of places into existing. These snippets can have all sorts of formatting, fonts, font sizes, etc. But I don' need any of that (not to mention, this creates terrible bloat, which makes Evernote significantly slower if you're searching through thousands of notes). I use bold/italics/highlight to indicate important things within these snippets + they often contain links which you want to keep as actual hyperlink. And I often copy-paste them from one place to the other. So I don't want just plain text, but I also don't want the bloat and visual clutter of full formatted text. TL;DR: Simplify formatting is popular for the same reason that Markdown is popular. @Evernote: It was always a bit of a PITA that highlight is removed when you hit Simplify formatting, but I took it to be a technical choice (I saw it as a 'turn into markdown equivalent' button). But now in the new version simplify formatting DOESN'T turn the text into default font type anymore? You remove highlights and titles, etc but after simplify formatting I'm still left with a mish-mash of different font types across the various snippets I copied into my note? I find this a very strange change and I really hope it turns out to be a bug or the choice is reverted in the next version. I think nobody is waiting for this. Under what scenario would someone have a bunch of text and they want to remove most formatting but keep the different type faces? I just can't imagine. Whereas the previous functionality had a much more wide-spread use case, i.e. it was essentially a 'clean up to markdown' button as I mentioned above, and Markdown is quite popular with good reason.
  2. Context I use Evernote as a productivity support tool and for keeping all sort of reference and project support material. An essential component of any good productivity system is that you can quickly jot down notes while you're working, and then get to processing / sorting those thoughts/ideas/tasks later. Evernote used to work perfectly for this because whatever I'm doing, I could just hit CTRL+ALT+N, write a line of text, hit ALT+F4 and done, the note safely saved in my default notebook (called INBOX) to be processed later. Worked perfectly. Now it seems this is no longer possible. Request I would like to ask that at the very least we could have a configuration screen option that allows us to have all new notes go to the default notebook instead of the notebook last used in the application. Note: An Evernote employee apparently responded to a related request of another user that because of OS level restrictions in Windows 10, CTRL+N and CTRL+ALT+N both need to have the same behavior (send to same notebook). However, in that case I STILL would prefer to have a config option that lets me send them both to the default notebook for reasons detailed below. Reasoning First off, the global keyboard shortcut saving to default notebook is the default behavior on Mac, indicating you're yourself aware that this is a more logical behavior. Now the choice was made to have CTRL+ALT+N save notes to the last used notebook. But that's just bonkers.. It might have been hours since I last used Evernote and what are the odds that that is the notebook I now want to save something in? In fact, oftentimes I will be IN Evernote, e.g. doing a search in an Python dev notebook and think 'oh yeah, I still need to get food for the cat'. It used to not be a problem: Just hit CTRL+ALT+N to open up a separate new note window, type 'get catfood', ALT+F4 and I'm right back to where I was. Simple and easy. But now, it's gonna save the 'cat food' note among the Python dev notes. Evernote might as well have simply deleted it at that point because the odds that I'll see it in time are slim. Having to remember to check every time if the right notebook is selected, selecting it if it isn't and the usage of the mouse involved all just drastically reduce the speed and ease-of-use that were the exact reasons I started using Evernote for this in the first place. About the OS Level restriction limitation As mentioned before, EVEN IF CTRL+N and CTRL+ALT+N need to have the same behavior, I would STILL prefer the possibility to set both to the default notebook because 1) When I'm working IN Evernote, I'm more aware that I'm working with a specific folder and more likely to think about setting it. 2) The number of times I create notes using the global shortcut is much greater than the times I create new notes in a specific folder in Evernote itself. 3) Last but not least: If I do accidently create a note in my default folder that should have been in another, I will notice it when I clear the default folder a few days later, so no big deal. But with the current behavior, I'm saving notes that should have gone to default folder across random other folders in Evernote. With thousands of notes in 100+ folders, it might as well have swallowed them, I won't find them back.
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