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  1. I actually think simplify formatting is hugely useful! I use it all the time. And much to my dismay the functionality has now changed... If you use Evernote like I do for any kind of research style work, then you're continuously copying snippets from all sorts of places into existing. These snippets can have all sorts of formatting, fonts, font sizes, etc. But I don' need any of that (not to mention, this creates terrible bloat, which makes Evernote significantly slower if you're searching through thousands of notes). I use bold/italics/highlight to indicate important things within the
  2. Context I use Evernote as a productivity support tool and for keeping all sort of reference and project support material. An essential component of any good productivity system is that you can quickly jot down notes while you're working, and then get to processing / sorting those thoughts/ideas/tasks later. Evernote used to work perfectly for this because whatever I'm doing, I could just hit CTRL+ALT+N, write a line of text, hit ALT+F4 and done, the note safely saved in my default notebook (called INBOX) to be processed later. Worked perfectly. Now it seems this is no longer possible.
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