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  1. I am having troubles with the new EN 6.12 beta 3 on my Macbook. Here are the noticeable issues I encountered. 1) Quit Evernote is locked and in greyed-out. My work-around is to force quit the program, and when reopened, the Quit Evernote is back to normal functionality. 2. Tag boxes are shorter compared to other notes. - For some weird reasons, some notes have shorter Tag boxes than others. 3. The Notebook's name is no longer visible in the drop-down list of notebooks on a note.
  2. Thanks a lot @DTLow! Unfortunately it is appearing to be blurred
  3. Hello there! I would like to ask if there is a way to use an internal, office template for penultimate instead of default templates currently on the application?
  4. My observation tells me that the function of sorting tags either Names, or Counts is a single function for the Main, and the Nested Tags. It cannot be Sorted by Names with Main Tags, and Sorted by Count on the Nested Tags (vice versa).
  5. I get it. The "Main Tags" are sorted alphabetically, however, the tags with the tags are not. This was my question, there is no way to sort the nested tags.
  6. Nope. Although I just copy and paste the table format from one note to another. so as not to create, and edit manually each note that I need this same table to have with. No problem in sharing the ENEX, but how and to whom?
  7. I think there is a problem with the Beta Version update, especially with its featured Table. I noticed that tables return to Plain Format, after a while. You can notice the difference between these two tables. The one above is the newly created table having the latest function (spread sheet like feel), whilst the other once is also a newly created table but after a while it returns to its old form (pre 6.12 Evernote Table)
  8. I have a pretty large way of managing my tags/ nested tags. I begin by creating categories of tags - herein my example is "Tags by Partners" Then I nest tags within those categories. However one thing I noticed is that when I nest them with the categories I made, they are not organized or sorted in an alphabetic manner - And there is no way to organize or sort them according to my own preference. I am using a Macbook Pro - OS Sierra by the way.
  9. Like my comment in other discussions. May not be the best but any progress no matter how small it is, is just absolutely exciting. Kudos to Evernote! BTW, is there any chance that these table will later on be formula-enabled. Similar to Google Sheet, or MS Excel.
  10. I am now seeing latest updates to the Table Function of Evernote with version 6.12 on my Macbook Not the best, but any progress definitely is something! Kudos to EN Team! I hope that these changes are also applied across all devices.
  11. Do you mean to say that you replicate that single Note to a Number of Notes to cover for the Multiple actions?
  12. If the note is made into an Actionable Item, but would require also multiple actions. It means to say that it is best to make multiple notes to cover those multiple Actions. If so, do you recommend to replicate the original single Note?
  13. Right. Do you mean to say that a Note as reference is replicated for each task?
  14. Those who are using either GTD, or TSW with Evernote. How do you do it? If a Note is made Actionable, but would require dual or multiple-Actions? Do you duplicate Notes and use them for different actions? or do you simply make use of a single Note and re-purpose / re-use them as needed?
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